Self Portrait Challenge – Mini Update Two

Fifteen. “The Doctor’s Apprentice” Image

Sixteen. “Mystery”Image


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Self Portrait Challenge – Collection Three

Eleven. “Glow”


Twelve. “Max”


Thirteen. “Runs in the Family” (Feet belonging to me and my Grandma, whom I love dearly!)


Fourteen. “Impermanence (Reminder)”


Jolt (My personal idea-catching methods)

One thing I’ve found as a writer is that you never know when ideas will come to you.It’s part of the wonderful process of creating with words. During a time of inspiration, I find my pockets full of scraps of paper containing fragments only I could understand. I keep a mini notebook in my car and try to carry a full-size one with me when I go out, in case inspiration strikes. Last year, I added mini white-boards to my room to help with the idea-catching, one in the shower and one by my front door. I have to say, they really have helped, as evidenced below.

For those of you who enjoyed “School”, here’s the burst of inspiration that started it all, on my shower-side white-board.