Live, Lose, Love

To live is to lose, so we might as well love.


Self Portrait Challenge – Collection Six

With this project coming to a close, I just want to say what a blast it has been. I’ve had a wonderful time manipulating my appearance and expressing myself through these images, and I hope you guys have enjoyed viewing them. I highly recommend taking on the challenge yourself –   it forces you to think beyond the normal “selfie” mentality and will hopefully increase your creativity and yield some great photos. I’ll probably do the challenge again before the year is out, but we’ll see. Fingers crossed! 🙂

Twenty Seven. “True Love”



Twenty Eight. “Essence”



Stay tuned for the last entries of the challenge – they should be posted shortly!

Self Portrait Challenge – Collection Four

Seventeen. “Girl with Flower”


Background credit:

D., Isabelle. “Le Papier Peint à Fleurs Fait Son Grand Retour.” Web log post. LaMinuteDeco., 10 Dec. 2011. Web. 7 Jan. 2014.

All other components (silhouette, editing, etc.) are my own work .

Eighteen. “Natural”


Nineteen. “Nightmare”


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Top Five Break-up Songs – Anthems for the Newly Single


So, I am kind of strange. I love break-up songs. Even when I’m in a relationship, there’s just something about them that gets to me in a way love songs just don’t. Well, as you guys may or may not know, I broke up with a guy about two weeks ago, and thus, have had no shame in induging. Which ones have I been blasting? Mostly, the following tunes (ranked randomly):

1.) Johnny Cash’s “Guess Things Happen That Way”


I absolutely love this song. It’s short, but it expresses so much of the feelings that come with a break-up. It’s so beautifully acoustic and simple, and that kind of song just draws me right in. The only thing that irks me is the “be a man” line, but the other sentiments are so relatable, I can forgive it.

2.) The Puppini Sisters “I Will Survive” cover


Naturally, any list of break-up songs has to feature “I Will Survive” in some way or other. While I adore Gloria Gaynor’s original version to no end, The Puppini Sisters one has spoken to me slightly more. The tone is soft and vulnerable, growing into the strength and vocal harmony that makes their group so great, and adds another dimension to the lyrics. Their restyling and command of the song just gives me goosebumps!

3.) The Byrds – “I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better”


Another one that makes my dopamine levels go all silly, this one is a classic! The lyrics completely call the ex out on their shenanigans, while the music and vocals make it clear the speaker is going to move on and not be held back by their former partner. It’s a beautiful message, wonderfully presented!

4.) Train – 50 Ways to Say Goodbye


Yes, this one has probably been on the radio just a tiny bit too much, but I love it anyway. But then, I probably hear the song entirely the wrong way. When I listen to this one, I don’t hear the guy’s sadness as much as I hear how much of a bad-ass this girl is. It sounds almost like he should be praising her because she’s the kind of person who would die in some dramatic way, like shark bite or lion attack. To me, it just sounds like the girl left him and then went on to be her amazing self and he can’t cope with that. Just my interpretation, but it peps me up, and hey, I love the instrumentals, too.

5.) Brandon Flowers “Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts”


From his solo album, Flamingo, which has so many good songs it was hard to decide on which to feature.  I love Flowers’ voice and these lyrics showcase it beautifully. He fills every line with emotion and it’s truly beautiful. I love it because it just feels so raw and unresolved, even at then end. Like the speaker was just expressing their hurt, not looking for any kind of resolution. To me, that’s extremely relatable. Others I’d suggest on the disc include “Was it Something I Said?” and “I Came Here to Get Over You”.

What are some of your favorite break-up tunes? Feel free to leave some in the commentary!