Past Poetry


A few poems I’ve written over the years I feel deserve sharing. Please note and respect that these are my original works, but feel free to comment! Enjoy!

This first one was written for the first girl I ever kissed, senior year of high school. Oh, the nostalgia!

Lovers (May ’09)

soft, sweet, natural.

it felt so right, I must admit,

her fragile lips, so delicate,

her touch so light.

Her hips pressed against mine,

her soft grip holding me tight

was better than I could ever imagine,

so perfect,

so right.

it was lovely,

and I fully intend

to do it again

and again



Next, Lolita, which was written for a girl I went out with during my college years. (More nostalgia!)

Lolita (’11)

I. Little Lolita,

why did you tempt me like that?

Naughty, naughty girl.

Hard kisses, full breasts;

such a woman in the sheets;

How could I resist?

My sweet Lolita,

don’t you look at me like that.

It’s not fair to tease.


I won’t apologize for this


for the soft shock

that courses through me

every time

her lips

meet mine.

Hope you all enjoyed them! Feel free to leave any feedback, but keep in mind these are older works. My style has grown and changed since their creation, but I felt it was time to share them. Hopefully, they’ll be well-received!



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